Residential Fire Sprinklers in Northern Colorado

At Kobobel Fire Protection, LLC we have been involved with many residential projects. It is our belief that fire sprinklers are great technology and should be utilized whenever possible. Many people do not agree with the new code of requiring sprinklers in all residential projects which has been written into the new International Residential Code. Kobobel Fire Protection, LLC is a company able to service this industry as it grows with the new changes to come.

Kobobel Fire Protection, LLC has been involved hundreds of residential fire sprinkler projects. In all of these residential fire sprinkler projects that we have been involved with it has shown the employees of Kobobel Fire Protection what products are reliable and which are not. Out of all of this experience we are still modifying the way things are done to make sure our customers receive a worry free installation. We specialize in residential fire sprinkler projects from consulting and design on the project, to installation and completing of the fire sprinkler system. Our attention to detail makes the whole process very easy for the General Contractor and owner.

Kobobel Fire Protection, LLC also offers service after the project is complete. We offer an exclusive extend warranty program on all projects we are involved with. Please contact Kobobel Fire Protection, LLC for details on our warranty or any other questions you may have on your project.

Spray Foam Insulation

One concern that is becoming more common in Kobobel Fire Protection, LLC installation is the use of spray foam insulation and CPVC piping that we use in our installations. Please click the link below to view the concerns and issue that have been discovered from our manufacture. At Kobobel Fire Protection, LLC we want to ensure the spray foam you intend to use on your project and the CPVC that we use are compatible. Please contact Kobobel Fire Protection, LLC  if you need any further clarification.

Spray Foam and CPVC Document

Please take a minute and look at few of the projects we have been involved with. Also take a look at the pictures of some of the interior finishes that we are used to dealing with. See if you can spot the fire sprinklers.